Join us for an inspirational presentation by adventure rider, author and freelance journalist, Steph Jeavons....


In March 2014 Steph Jeavons set off from the Ace Cafe in London on her Honda CRF250L named Rhonda. Previously having run an off-road motorcycle school in Wales and desert tours in Morocco, Steph set about reducing her life to the bare minimum. She sold her house and kept only one small box in her parents’ attic marked ‘TO KEEP’.


In March 2015, having ridden through Europe, Asia and Australia she persuaded a small sailing yacht to let them join the crew on an expedition across the notoriously rough Drake Passage. After a week of seasickness and iceberg alerts, they lowered Rhonda into a small zodiac and precariously navigated through the icy waters to the shores of Antarctica. Here they rode together, before celebrating with the Chilean Navy and later with Ukrainian scientists who welcomed any excuse for a party! Steph and Rhonda then hitched a ride to Chile on a Russian icebreaker before continuing north through the Americas.


Steph and Rhonda (the Honda) have ridden further than any 250cc has gone before with their many miles together taking them through 53 countries, 74,000 miles and all seven continents. They returned home in March 2018, exactly four years after starting.


We invite you to attend an eveninig with Steph (and Rhonda) to hear about this amazing adventure first hand! The evening includes a Bap or Burger, chips and a hot drink.


The talk will start at 7pm sharp and last for an hour, there will be a Q&A at the end. Please arrive in time to have food, the cafe will be open all day. 


Spaces are limited so please book early! 

An evening with Steph Jeavons (and Rhonda)! 7pm, Friday 22nd June 2018