Detailed Product Info




  • 12V 2600mAh Keis Li-Ion Glove Battery set (pair) is suitable for the following models of Keis heated gloves: G502, G601 and G801.
  • Not suitable for the G501 model Keis heated gloves.
  • Each battery has 2600mAh capacity.
  • Small, lightweight and rechargeable.
  • Fits perfectly in the zipped pocket on the cuff of your G502, G601 and G801 Keis heated glove. 
  • Comes with either UK or Multinational charger (select which you prefer). The Multinational charger can be used in the UK, EU, and US.


Connect the battery to the charger via the male and female connectors.

Keis Glove Batteries (pair) With Charger